Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings


HP Calculator Schematics CD-Rom

If you have been at any recent HPCC mini-conferences or conference, you will have seen DrARD showing and describing the hardware of an HP handheld or desktop calculator. The CD-ROM contains the reverse engineered schematics of the following machines and peripherals:

Desktops HP110, HP120, HP120KEY, HP50960, HP86B, HP87, HP9100B, HP9810, HP9815, HP9816, HP9817, HP9820, HP9825, HP982636, HP9830, HP9845B, HP9915, Integral
Handhelds HP35, HP45, HP55, HP65, HP67, HP70, HP80, HP48SX Keyboard, HP46, HP81, HP32E, HP33C, HP10A, HP19C, HP91, HP92, HP95C, HP97SIO, HP16C, HP21, HP22, HP25, HP25C, HP27, HP29C
Chargers ERAMCO PP, HP82028, HP82054, HP82055
Peripherals HP50962, HP98204A, HP98204B, HP98256, HP98257, HP98259, HP98261, HP98604, HP98620B, HP98622, HP98624, HP98626, HP98628, HPHIL, KBD9920, KGMRAM, WKBP4A, HHP EPROM, HP11202, HP11203, HP11205, HP11206, HP11284, HP11336, HP13264, HP13267, HP2671G, hP27201, HP2748A, HP35731, HP46020, HP46021, HP5055, HP59301, HP59304, HP59306, HP59308, HP59309, HP59401, HP59403, HP59405, HP59500, HP6940B, HP7245A, HP7440HPIB, HP7470opt003, HP7475, HP7959B, HP82104, HP82143, HP82153, HP82162, HP82168, HP82440A, HP82440B, HP82901, HP82905, HP82985, HP9114A, HP9114B, HP9121, HP9122, HP9123, HP9125A, HP9133H, HP9133VXV, HP9154B, HP98033, HP98034, HP98035, HP98036, HP98133, HP98134, HP9862IF, HP9865, HP9866, HP9877, HP9878, HP98780, HP82904, HP82915, HP82916, HP82919, HP82971, HP69321B, HP69330A, HP69351, HP69422A, HP69431A, HP69502A, Paintjet, RSU, RSU2, WAND75D

The CD-Rom is now available online free of charge, but if you do find it useful please consider joining HPCC.


Archive of HPCC Datafile

Every issue of HPCC's journal, apart from the most recent volume, is available from Jake Schwartz's site.


Conference CD-Roms

You can download the complete CD-Roms from the HPCC 1997 Conference from here:



Copies of the PPC DVD/CD Roms produced by Jake Schwartz are available to HPCC members in the UK at £20 per set ($20 to Jake, the rest for production costs). The DVD includes all issues of 65 Notes, PPC Journal, PPC Computer Journal, CHHU Chronicle and HPX Exchange. It also has copies of HP's Key Notes and handheld related articles from the HP Journal.

The DVD contains scanned images of the magazines in Adobe Acrobat format with hyperlinks between the indexes and articles. Pages may be printed without significant loss in quality although HP41 barcode is not of sufficient resolution to be read by the bar code reader.

Two unpublished issues of the PPC Journal have been found. They are not on the first issues of the CD Rom sets but instead are available for download on Jake's site and are mirrored here for UK readers:

Copies are available from Wlodek (address in Datafile), please make payments to HPCC. US readers can buy direct from Jake's site which also contains more details of this ongoing project.

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