Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

Handheld and Portable Computer Club


HPCC is a voluntary, independent body run by and for users of handheld and portable computers and calculators.

For over 40 years, the club has been helping members get the most from their Hewlett Packard equipment and further the exchange of information and ideas.

While most members' main interest is in the HP range of models, the club is happy to discuss other models too, at meetings, through the club journal - Datafile, and on these web pages.

HPCC is not supported by Hewlett Packard or any other commercial organisation; its activities are funded and undertaken by its members.

Latest News - 3rd December 2023

The contents of Datafile V37N3 are now available. The magazine was posted to club members at the end of November 2023 and all members in the UK should have received their copies by now. International members should receive their copies in the near future.

In-person and online meeting dates for 2024 are now published, including the date and agenda for the 2024 AGM.

Slides and videos from the 2023 HPCC Mini-Conference are now available.

Next In Person Meeting

13th July 2024 11:00-17:00 BST (UTC+1)

In person meetings are back at the Physics Common Room, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, South Kensington, London on the second Saturday of each month.

Next Online Club Meeting

20th July 2024 15:00-17:00 BST (UTC+1)

Online meetings take place on the first and third Saturday of each month via Webex. Please send an email to Mark dot Power at hpcc dot uk if you need a meeting invitation.

RCL40: Recollection, Reinvention and HP Calculators

RCL40 book cover

In 2002 HPCC published the book RCL20: People, Dreams and HP Calculators. To celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2022 we have produced a follow-up volume, RCL40: Recollection, Reinvention and HP Calculators, which includes contributions from members of HP calculator teams past and present, members of HPCC and our friends around the world who collectively have kept alive our enthusiasm for HP calculators and pocket computers.

Multiply: The Francis Hookham Collection of Hand Held Electronic Calculators

Multiply book cover

HPCC members visited the the Whipple Museum of the History of Science in Cambridge to view the Francis Hookham Collection of Hand Held Electronic Calculators in December 2022. The museum produced a limited print run full colour catalogue of the collection called Multiply, and following our visit have kindly made the PDF version of the catalogue available on their website or here by clicking on the cover.

HPCC 40th Anniversary Conference

22nd and 23rd October, 2022

HPCC celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a conference in London over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd October 2022. HPCC members and HP calculator enthusiasts from around the world attended. See our 2022 Conference Page for more details, including slides and videos.

HP-12C HP-15C Limited Edition HP-20b HP-30b HP-33s HP-50g HP Prime HP-41C HP-39gII HP-35s HP-42S HP-48SX HP-48GX HP-48GII HP-49G HP-49G+

Older News

Starseed search, by Frank Wales and transcribed by Jackie Woldering, has finally made it into Datafile forty years after first appearing in Your Computer magazine. The program description, listing, barcode and raw files are available to download from the HP-41 page.

Slides and videos from our October 2021 Mini-Virtual Conference are now available.

Slides and videos from the 2020 HPCC Conference are now available.

Notes and another chapter of RCL20: People, Dreams & HP Calculators, the book produced to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of HPCC in 2002, have been published.

Some errors have crept into the listing for HHC2 in Datafile V36N3P49 in the article "Some Thoughts on the HHC2019 Programming Challenge." This zip file contains the corrected listing for HHC2 and the binary for download straight to the HP50g.

Datafile V35N4 was accidentally printed without the regular Chairman's Bytes article. You can now read Wlodek's thoughts online.

The outcome of the EGM vote on 11th March 2017 on the future publication of Datafile is now available here, along with request for membership renewals for anyone who followed the instructions in Datafile V35N4.

Bruce Horrock's article on Stack Parameter Checking for the HP50G, from Datafile V27N4, is available to read and the code to download.

The HP20b Business Consultant, with RPN and scientific functions, is described in Gene Wright's review from Datafile V27N3. HP's PDF brochure is also available here.

A revised template for Datafile articles is available for download on the Datafile page.

The 5th edition of Wlodek's "A Guide to HP Calculators and Computers" has just been published. This revision of the 2003 edition has more than 40 additional pages covering all the latest HP models. Copies are available from Wlodek or

Articles from Datafile V25N4 on HP-12C Platinum Cash-Flow Entry Bug and Integer Division on the HP33S are now available to download in PDF format.

Christoph Klug's article on transferring data from an HP41 to EMU41 on a PC via RS232 (from Datafile V25N3) is now available to download.

Christoph Klug's article on transferring data from one HP41 to another HP41 via RS232 (from Datafile V25N1) is now available to download.

Jordi Hidalgo's HP39G aplet to enable the CAS, effectively turning an HP39G into an HP40G, is available here.

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