Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 October-December 2016

V35 N4 

Club Information  V35N4P2
Stop Press  V35N4P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV35N4P3
Members' Letters - Datafile thoughts and correctionsGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N4P4
Minutes of the HPCC AGM 2016GeneralBruce HorrocksV35N4P5
HPCC AGM 2016 Treasurer's ReportGeneralFrank KingswoodV35N4P7
HPCC AGM 2016 Chairman's ReportGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N4P9
Making ChangeHP50G, HP PrimeJeremy HawdonV35N4P10
Prime on MacHP PrimeMark PowerV35N4P12
Allschwil 2016GeneralMatthias WehrliV35N4P13
Time Travel with the HP-12C Date EngineHP-12CTony HutchinsV35N4P17
HP Handhelds History - the HP 30b Business ProfessionalHP30BWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N4P19
Chairman's Bytes - Nov-Dec 2016GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczNot printed

 July-September 2016

V35 N3 

Club Information  V35N3P2
Stop Press  V35N3P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV35N3P3
HPCC Annual General Meeting 2016General V35N3P5
Chairman's Bytes - July-October 2016GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N3P6
HP Handhelds Anniversaries in 2016GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N3P7
Pell's EquationHP PrimeJeremy HawdonV35N3P9
Savage OptimisationGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N3P10
Optimisation ChallengeDM41LNigel Fraser KerV35N3P12
Non-MultiplesHP50GJeremy HawdonV35N3P13
Synthetics and the DM41L: Load BytesDM41LGeoff QuickfallV35N3P14
The 2016 HPCC Mini-ConferenceGeneralBruce HorrocksV35N3P15

 April/May/June 2016

V35 N2 

Club Information  V35N2P2
Stop Press  V35N2P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV35N2P3
Jon JohnstoneObituary V35N2P4
Chairman's Bytes - March - June 2016GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N2P6
Prisoners, Permutations and CyclesHP50GJeremy HawdonV35N2P7
The Savage benchmark and calculator accuracyVariousWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N2P11
Datafile V35 Special Issue Addendum: HP-65 User Diagnostic Program OutputHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35N2P14
Clonix NoV-64 ReviewHP-41Mark PowerV35N2P16
ΔDOWdays on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV35N2P18
HP Handhelds History - HP CalcPad 100 & 200CalcPadWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N2P19

 Special February 2016

V35 Special 

Club Information  V35SpecialP2
Stop Press  V35SpecialP2
AbstractHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP3
IntroductionHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP3
RestorationHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP4
Label removalHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP4
DisassemblyHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP6
Top shell and bottom shellHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP8
Keyboard PCAHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP11
Main circuit boardHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP13
Card readerHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP13
Battery spring contacts and holderHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP18
AssemblyHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP20
Testing the HP65HP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP21
Trouble shooting after assemblyHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP21
ConclusionHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP23
ICs found in the HP65HP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP24
User diagnostics program IHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP25
User diagnostics program IIHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP26
TechniquesHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP27
A simple drying boxHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP31
Credit where credit is dueHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP32
Before and after pictures of the actual calculator used for this restorationHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP33
Materials required for this restorationHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP34
About the authorHP-65Geoff QuickfallV35SpecialP35

 January/February 2016

V35 N1 

Club Information  V35N1P2
Stop Press  V35N1P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV35N1P3
Chairman's Bytes - January-February 2016GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N1P4
HP 15C: Calculating a^n (mod m)HP15CJeremy HawdonV35N1P5
HP Handhelds History - Simple Rules For Simple CalculatorsVariousWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N1P7
An Equation Library for the HP PrimeHP PrimeBruce HorrocksV35N1P12
Submarine Hunt on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV35N1P17
HP Handhelds History - HP SmartCalc 300sHP-300SWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV35N1P19

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