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Select your calculator of interest from the bar above. The HP41, HP48 and HP49 pages feature descriptions, principle features, emulators, availability, books, Datafile articles and links. The other models listed will be described in future but at present there are just a selection of links to other sites.

General Links

The links below are our pick of HP calculator related sites which are not specific to a particular model.

HP Calculators WebZone
Index of HP Calculator Support Articles (From Datafile V22N3 and updated 9th March 2006 by Dave Johnson)
comp.sys.hp48 via web browser
Wlodek's HP Calculator Articles
The Museum of HP Calculators
PCX Calculator Club (from the Wayback Machine)
The Calculator Store (Added 18th July 2011) Added 18th July 2011
Southeast Asian dealer - Educalc
European dealer - Moravia
HP Network - Le site des calculatrices HP49, HP40 et HP 48 (French HP Calculator resource centre)
www.der-taschenrechner.de - German calculator site (Added 17th June 2004)
HP Handheld Videos Page
Kermit Communications Software
Saturn User Guide
Old HP calculator programs (for HP-10/11/15/19, HP-25/28/29, HP-33/34, HP-41/42, HP-65/67/97)
RetroCalc (Designing and building a RPN programmable from scratch)
Matthias Wehrli collector of HP calculators & PDA's


HP 10BII emulator (zip file for Windows machines)

HP 28

HP28 Programs (from hpcalc.org)
The HP28 Archive Added 9th March 2006

HP 38G

Jean-Yves Avenard's HP38G Page (from the Wayback Machine)
Colin Croft's HP38/39/40 Page

HP 39/40G

HP39/40 User Guide
Yorkem style HP39/40 emulator (to emulate HP39/40 on a PC)
ROM and KML files for Emu48 (to emulate HP39/40 on a PC using Emu48)
Flash file for HP49 to emulate HP39/40

HP 42

www.hp42s.com (from the Wayback Machine)
The Futhark (Runic alphabet) on the HP-42S
Long Live the HP-42S

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