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Membership Application Form

Thank-you for wanting to join HPCC. Membership is open to anybody with an interest in more-or-less technical discussions, with a general emphasis on computing and its history.

The Club has traditionally supported the range of HP handheld and portable computers, but members will try to help with tips and solutions to problems arising with other machines. The problems adressed tend to be more in-depth than word-processing or spreadsheet hiccups.

Members receive 4 issues of DATAFILE, the Club's magazine. These are now published on an infrequent basis, so club membership may last more than a year. The Club also holds monthly informal meetings in London, occasional meetings elsewhere in the UK, and about once a year, a more formal Annual General Meeting, also in London.

If you wish to join then please fill in the following form, print it out and post it to us with your payment. Electronic payment can be made by Paypal: just post or email this form and, separately, make your Paypal payment to treasurer@hpcc.org. Please add a note to the payment identifying yourself clearly so that the payment can be matched to the membership application form. Whichever way you choose, don't forget to keep a copy for yourself. Membership rates, address, email and PGP details follow.

1. Personal Details

Please supply the following information:

First Name(s):
Last Name:
Street / Address (1):
Street / Address (2):
Town / City:
County / State:
Post / ZIP Code:
Home Telephone Number:
Work Telephone Number:
E-Mail Address:

2. Membership Rates

(a) Please select the appropriate membership rate. Note that membership runs for four issues of Datafile rather than for a fixed time period.


UK & Channel Islands




Other Countries


Special Offer: Prospective members can get one copy of the Club's journal, DATAFILE, for 3-00 and can then upgrade to full membership for the difference between 3-00 and the applicable membership rate if they wish.

(b) Please select a method of payment:

Cheque (made payable to HPCC, in UK pounds sterling and drawn on a UK Bank)

Cash (in UK pounds sterling and sent by registered post)

Paypal (send to treasurer@hpcc.org, please include name and address, duration of subscription required and membership number if you have one)

Please note that we no longer accept payment by credit card. This is because the fees charged by the card processing company are excessive for the relatively small number of card payments that we receive. Please use Paypal instead if you wish to pay electronically.

3. Contact Details

Please send your completed form:

by post to HPCC Membership Secretary
44 St. Bartholomew's Court
by email Press to have this form (and the data that you entered) automatically created in your email client as a message ready to send.
Email applications with a valid return address will receive a confirmation within a few days. If you do not receive one then send an email enquiry in the first instance, or try a letter thereafter. Email address: treasurer@hpcc.org
by Paypal Send payment to treasurer@hpcc.org mentioning name, address, duration of subscription and member number.

By applying you agree that any information given on this application form may be stored on a computer system. The information will not be used for commercial purposes.

Page last modified : 26th September 2019