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HPCC Meetings

Club meetings are held regularly, on the second Saturday of every month, currently at the Polish Social and Cultural Association, 238-246 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0RF. The "second Saturday" meetings have now been going for nearly 40 years. If the second Saturday of April is at Easter the meeting is moved to an adjacent Saturday. Face-to-face meetings usually start around 12:30. All existing and prospective members are welcome.

As a result of the Covid pandemic of 2020, meetings were moved online. Online meetings start at 15:00 GMT in the winter and 15:00 BST in the summer. By popular demand, the second Saturday meetings have been supplemented with virtual meetings on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Now that physical meetings in London can take place again, it is hoped that we will still be able to have online accessibility for those meetings from 15:00 and that the virtual meetings on the fourth Saturday of every month will continue.

Meetings in 2020

Meetings in 2021

Page last modified : 12th November 2021