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 October/November 1985

V4 N7 

Doubling a numberHP41David HodgesV4N7P3
Evaluation of polynomialsHP41David HodgesV4N7P3
Integer division and NOTHP41David HodgesV4N7P3
Sieve AnalysisHP41M. WilliamsonV4N7P4
World Clock RoutineHP41Mark WildingV4N7P6
HP71 TipsHP71Graeme CawseyV4N7P7
Nautical InstituteGeneralJohn ColeV4N7P8
Shopping RoutinesHP41Mark WildingV4N7P9
Handmade, non-SP key assignmentHP41Thomas ValereV4N7P10
HP75 Bits and piecesHP75John Harris, David JohnsonV4N7P11
Catalogue bugs with ZENROMHP41John Bruce and sonV4N7P11
The LargoHP41Mark PowerV4N7P12
Improved HP41 return instructionHP41Mike TissingtonV4N7P13
Unit ConversionsHP75Roger WileyV4N7P14
HP41 SubroutinesHP41Richard CareyV4N7P19

 July/August/September 1985

V4 N5/6 

Save and Get of key assignments in XMHP41John BruceV4N5/6P4
HP75 Programming Techniques: Part 2HP75Jeremy MilesV4N5/6P6
HP71 Utility ProgramHP71Graeme Cawsey, Frank WalesV4N5/6P9
ROM Users Column: How plug-in modules interact with the HP41 and each otherHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV4N5/6P10
Newcomer Column HP41CX Feature SummaryHP41Samuel LesleyV4N5/6P12
Quick-sort algorithmsHP75Peter KokolV4N5/6P13
Disk and tape directory accessHP75Martin JohnsonV4N5/6P17
HalleyHP41Simon BradshawV4N5/6P18
Reserving registers for utility data on the HP41HP41Andrew CoatsworthV4N5/6P22
Poking the HP71HP71Graeme CawseyV4N5/6P25
HP82718A - HP75 Expansion PodHP75Eric GengouxV4N5/6P27
What language does your HP speak?GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV4N5/6P30
Book Review: HP41 Mcode for beginnersHP41Jeremy SmithV4N5/6P30
Book Review: Extend your HP41HP41Brian WalshV4N5/6P31
DIR and CAT1HP71Mark CracknellV4N5/6P34
Downloading printer character setsHP75Roger WileyV4N5/6P34
Especially for beginnersHP41F. ChiariniV4N5/6P35
HP75 OdditiesHP75Roger WileyV4N5/6P36
Bubble sort techniqueHP85Geoffrey VallanceV4N5/6P37
Dealing with constantsHP41John BarrowV4N5/6P37
Programming the HP71HP71Brian SteelV4N5/6P39
ResectionHP41M. WilliamsonV4N5/6P46

 June 1985

V4 N4 

HP41 RCLFLAG - Data UnwrappedHP41Neil JarmanV4N4P3
HP41 Question routine with XMHP41Robert WoodhouseV4N4P3
HP41 Lagrangian InterpolationHP41Richard WukovichV4N4P4
HP41 Synthetic ProgrammingHP41Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz, David BurchV4N4P5
HP15C StatisticsHP15Margaret CorbettV4N4P9
HP75 Programming Techniques: Part 1HP75Jeremy MilesV4N4P11
HP71 Utility ProgramsHP71Graeme CawseyV4N4P12
New product informationGeneral V4N4P12

 April/May 1985

V4 N3 

Creating lexfiles: Part 3HP75Roger WileyV4N3P3
An extension to RAMWORD text editorHP41Keith HarrisonV4N3P7
Directory EnquiriesHP41Mark WildingV4N3P8
Bucket Curve AnalysisHP41David BurchV4N3P9
Day and date manipulation routinesHP71Nick ReidV4N3P12
Busting PRIVATEHP41 V4N3P13
Day and date manipulation routinesHP71David HodgesV4N3P14
ROM Users ColumnHP41John BruceV4N3P15
The Secant MethodHP41David HodgesV4N3P17
Blunders and oddmentsHP75 V4N3P18
Land Survey RoutinesHP71Dave BundyV4N3P19
HPCC ROM LibraryHP41 V4N3P23

 Spring 1985

V4 N1/2 

We can work it outGeneralHewlett-PackardV4N1/2P1
Text FormattingHP75David JohnsonV4N1/2P3
The First of April Columns - RevisitedGeneralBill ReggusyV4N1/2P8
Cassette UtilisationHP75R. HellbuschV4N1/2P9
HP71 speaks HP41HP71Hewlett-PackardV4N1/2P12
Newcomers CornerGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV4N1/2P18
Before the CometGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV4N1/2P19
Measurement ConversionHP41David JohnsonV4N1/2P20
ROM Users Column: ZENROM and the HP41 displayHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV4N1/2P22
HP71 Bug ReportHP71 V4N1/2P25
The Chairperson's JobGeneralCharles WilliamsV4N1/2P27
The HP Integral Personal ComputerIntegral PCHewlett-PackardV4N1/2P28
Interesting Applications of HP HandheldsHP71Rick MarengoV4N1/2P31
Creating HP75 lexfiles: Part 2HP75David Burch, David Johnson, Mike TownsendV4N1/2P32
Programming TipsHP41, HP75Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz, David Johnson, Richard Kendon, Paul BeaumontV4N1/2P39
Hex-code inputHP41David MulhallV4N1/2P40
AlmanacHP41Mark WildingV4N1/2P41
Decimal to fractionsHP41David HodgesV4N1/2P43

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