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 November/December 2003

V22 N6 

Club Information
Stop Press
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV22N6P3
Chairman’s Bytes – Nov-Dec 2003GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N6P5
Members’ Letters: The TI ChallengeGeneralFrank WaterlandV22N6P6
The Treasurer Writes! GeneralDave ColverV22N6P7
The HPCC 2003 Annual General MeetingGeneralDave ColverV22N6P8
Leaving the Future Behind UsGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N6P10
HP-35 Internals…HP-35Tony DuellV22N6P11
Eight Queens … in HalfHP48/49Jordi HidalgoV22N6P15
Potted Palm: Using a Spreadsheet as a customized calculatorCliePat MericanV22N6P16
HP33S SummaryHP33SLeif HarckeV22N6P17
My Name’s Thirty, TI-30…MiscPaul BroggerV22N6P18
25 Years of “Algorithms for RPN Calculators”VariousA. Hutchins & J. HidalgoV22N6P20
HP49G+ NotesHP49G+Bruce HorrocksV22N6P22
Initial Impressions of the Aurora FN 1000FN1000Craig A. FinsethV22N6P24
The PDQ AlgorithmHP48/49Joe HornV22N6P26
Around the XYZT World in 80 WaysVariousTony HutchinsV22N6P34
HP41 & EMU41 Uploading plug in module ROM-image-filesHP41Christoph KlugV22N6P38
Capturing Screens with INPRT Download VariousJordi HidalgoV22N6P45
HP Calculator History – What is a Series? MiscWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N6P47
For Sale and WantedV22N6P47

 September/October 2003

V22 N5 

Club Information  V22N5P2
Stop Press  V22N5P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV22N5P3
Chairman's BytesGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N5P4
Potted PalmPDAWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N5P5
TVM33 - An HP Solver TVM Download VariousTony HutchinsV22N5P6
How to put a toggle into the HP SolverVariousTony HutchinsV22N5P11
Blast from the FutureMiscJordi HidalgoV22N5P13
A Cunning PlanMiscJordi HidalgoV22N5P14
Functions Missing on HP CalculatorsVariousWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N5P15
First Impressions of the hp49g+hp49g+Tony HutchinsV22N5P22
Black-Scholes CorrectionsHP17BIITony HutchinsV22N5P24
McCulloch-Pitts Neural NetsHP48/49Peter GatenbyV22N5P25
CorrectionMiscBruce HorrocksV22N5P31
HHC2003 Conference ReportMiscRichard J. NelsonV22N5P32
Short Review of Tony Hutchins' book - Modern Financial ComputationMiscJordi HidalgoV22N5P46
HP Calculator History - theHP95LX 1MbHP95LXWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N5P47

 July/August 2003

V22 N4 

Club Information  V22N4P2
Stop Press  V22N4P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV22N4P3
Chairman's BytesGeneralWlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz V22N4P4
A Note on Internet Access with the HP 200LXHP200LXPeter GatenbyV22N4P5
Conference RemindersConf V22N4P5
"RPN, ALG and the HP12C Platinum"HP12CWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N4P6
HP38G Clear Advantage Over HP48/49GHP38GColin CroftV22N4P8
HP-15C Nth-degree Polynomial FittingHP-15CValentin AlbilloV22N4P9
Long Live the Advantage ROM !HP-41Valentin AlbilloV22N4P15
Old TimersHP-45Jordi HidalgoV22N4P23
Potted PalmiPAQWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N4P26
Datafile Back IssuesMiscWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N4P26
QPI for the HP42SHP-42SErik EhrlingV22N4P27
What is HP-42X?HP-42SHrastProgrammerV22N4P30
EMU41 for HP48/49: Some hidden key-combinationsHP-41Juergen RodenkirchenV22N4P32
A substitute i-solver for the HP12C Platinum (12CP)HP-12CPTony HutchinsV22N4P33
HP Calculator History - theHP95LXHP95LXWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N4P46
For Sale and WantedMisc V22N4P47

 May/June 2003

V22 N3 

Club Information  V22N3P2
Stop Press  V22N3P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV22N3P3
Member's Letters: It's Only FairHP48GJordi HidalgoV22N3P5
Member's Letters: USB Serial AdaptersHP48/49James M. PrangeV22N3P6
Chairman's BytesGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N3P7
Impressions of the HP 12C PlatinumHP-12CPJordi HidalgoV22N3P8
12C Platinum BugsHP-12CPBruce HorrocksV22N3P12
Potted PalmPalmWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N3P12
Black-Scholes takes over the HP12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV22N3P13
Stock Trading Study with 2 Currencies using the HP200LX Solver DownloadHP200LXTony HutchinsV22N3P22
The Online Archive LibraryHP-41Jordi HidalgoV22N3P34
Off TopicHP-48Jordi HidalgoV22N3P34
Using a menu for inputHP48/49John H. MeyersV22N3P35
Long Live the HP-15C !HP-15CValentin AlbilloV22N3P36
HP Calculator Web-Site IndexVariousBruce HorrocksV22N3P41
Members By Interest CodeGeneralBruce HorrocksV22N3P42
HP Calculator History -HP 48SX plug-in cardsHP48Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N3P47

 March/April 2003

V22 N2 

Club InformationHPCC V22N2P2
Stop PressHPCC V22N2P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV22N2P3
Members' Letters: HP-41 Emulator for Jornada 420HP-41, J'daJuergen RodenkirchenV22N2P4
Members' Letters: Belated 2002 HPCC Conference ReviewConfJuergen RodenkirchenV22N2P4
Questions and Answers: USB Serial AdaptersGeneralTony DuellV22N2P5
Questions and Answers: HP-16C Index Register SizeHP-16CWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N2P5
HP 9 Series Arrives in SpainHP 9J. ManriqueV22N2P8
Chairman's Bytes - March-April 2003GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N2P9
HP48/49 Backslash TranslatorsHP48/49John H. MeyersV22N2P10
Trigonometry Marathon with the HP49G - Pt. 6HP49GNick KaragiaouroglouV22N2P12
Accounts 2002HPCCDave ColverV22N2P17
Potted PalmPalmtopWMJ & Michael MooreV22N2P18
CAS commands sans mode changes, etc. HP49GJohn H. MeyersV22N2P20
Mini-challenge: Prime Date PairsHP48/49Joe HornV22N2P21
Ratios of Fibonacci like Sequences on the HP48HP48Juergen RodenkirchenV22N2P22
V22N1 Mini-Challenge ResultsHP48/49Joe HornV22N2P27
Vital Units of MeasurementGeneralJoe HornV22N2P27
Buy/Sell Quick AnalysisDownloadHP200LXDaniel LegendreV22N2P28
Downside Investment RiskDownloadHP200LXTony HutchinsV22N2P29
HP Solver Equation that Back-solves the BLACK-SCHOLESDownloadHP200LXTony HutchinsV22N2P32
Bug ReportHP39GColin CroftV22N2P41
HP Calculator History - the HP 32SIIHP32SIIWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV22N2P42
For Sale and WantedVariousTony DuellV22N2P43

 January/February 2003

V22 N1 

Club InformationHPCC V22N1P2
Stop PressHPCC V22N1P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV22N1P3
Members' Letters: Door Prize WinnerConfJordi HidalgoV22N1P4
Members' Letters: Solver and TVM CodeGeneralTony HutchinsV22N1P5
Members' Letters: Itís the TravellingConfPeter GatenbyV22N1P6
Members' Letters: Calculator ShortageGeneralJ. Marique LopezV22N1P7
Chairmanís BytesGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrezjowiczV22N1P8
Ticking Clock ApletDownloadHP38/39Jordi HidalgoV22N1P9
Decimal->Fraction using CF algorithmDownloadHP100LXTony HutchinsV22N1P10
Conference Prizes, Part 3 of NConfWlodek Mier-JedrezjowiczV22N1P14
Odd Random NumbersHP48Joe HornV22N1P14
Potted PalmPalmtopWlodek Mier-JedrezjowiczV22N1P15
HP Handhelds History - Solvers Part 3GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrezjowiczV22N1P17
HP Strikes Back or The Attack of the ClonesGeneralJ. Manrique LopezV22N1P20
Emu41 Update with HPIL SupportHP41Jean-Francois GarnierV22N1P22
Mini-ChallengeHP48/49Joe HornV22N1P23
Trigonometry Marathon with the HP49G - Part 5HP49GNick KaragiaouroglouV22N1P25
UBONDS - Universal Bond SolverDownloadHP100LXTony HutchinsV22N1P28
HP Calculator History - the HP 48SXHP48SXWlodek Mier-JedrezjowiczV22N1P35
For Sale and Wanted  V22N1P35

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